Hello Lovely Dancer, here is Raphaëlle speaking!
(English, Deutsch & Francais)

What is it you love about dancing Tango?

The sensual experience of your relaxed, grounded and flexible body? Your heart gently opening with a smile on it’s face? Your spirit wide awake, spontaneous and creative, while the usual mind-chatter finally subsides? The joy of feeling alive & connected? Something like that?

That’s what I love here. Besides meeting people like you, who are fucking seriously determined to live life as joyful & creative, as possible, enjoying this physical experience with dancing & music.
It all starts with you relaxing into your presence as it is in the now moment. It’s simple & playful. There is nothing to fix & nothing to work on. You lay the foundation for the simple magic of free flow dancing experience by simply connecting deeper within yourself, including the body.

To not only live, but also facilitate this very connection in playful ways, happens to be my core passion & growing expertise.

Now that you came to know me better than my mother, allow me to offer the services I feel are best aligned to enhance your dancing experience:



Feel the joy of being alive in your body. As relaxing & activating, balancing & grounding, concentrating & expanding as you can receive. Precious oil on your divine skin. It’s a rendezvous with yourself.

65€ – 50 Min
40€ – 25 Min


With- and without touch – as you choose. Lay down, close your eyes and dive deeply into the unique universe of You. Your innate wisdom just knows, and can do it’s thing without interference.  And you skip the effort of undressing.

45€ – 30Min


Sounds dry? As dry as trusting your Self. We sit in nature – if available – you choose a topic or issue, and we breathe. In the presence of pure consciousness change is simply natural. And henceforth it’s for free, as long as you live.

30€ – 20Min.

All prices are 50% off the usual, and only available on tango events. All kind of individual combinations possible.
Please contact me in person. Great ways to do so are:

FON +49 1712 707 808
Facebook: Raphaëlle Aime

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  1. Liebe Raphaelle, die Massage bei Dir beim Kieler Yogafestival letzte Woche war eine wundervolle, intensive energetische Erfahrung für Körper und Geist. Vielen Dank für dieses besondere Erlebnis! Licht und Liebe von Nico (Nicole)

    Dear Raphaelle, your massage last week at the Yogafestival in Kiel was a wonderful intensive energetic body and soul experience! Thank you so much for it! Love and light – Nico (Nicole)

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